Friday, January 27, 2006

Brains vs Balls

For those who have been hearing me proclaim why men are slightly promiscuous, check out the following article.  I wonder if I am Brain or Balls person…Hahahaha.

Size Does Matter in Bats' EvolutionBy William Kates, Associated Press ENN 25 Jan 05(image placeholder)

SYRACUSE, N.Y.: For some male bats, sexual prowess comes with a price -- smaller brains.A research team led by Syracuse University biologist Scott Pitnick found that in bat species where the females are promiscuous, the males boasting the largest testicles also had the smallest brains. Conversely, where the females were faithful, the males had smaller testes and larger brains.The relationship between the breeding system and relative brain size has received little investigation, said Pitnick, who teaches evolution and population biology and researches topics such as sexual selection and sexual conflict.Promiscuity is known to make a difference in testicle size in some other mammals. For example, chimpanzees are promiscuous and have testicles that are many times larger than those of gorillas, in which a single dominant male has exclusive access to a harem of females. Large brains, meanwhile, are metabolically costly to develop and maintain.


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