Saturday, July 15, 2006

Condoms and P.D.A in Shanghai...

As compared to Singapore, Shanghai has got condoms dispensing along with drinks in their vending machines found in their metro stations. Say nothing much, but maybe more about how open they are open about the issue as compared to Singapore, which is still arguing about whether we should promote abstinence or practice of safe sex.

Also, in Shanghai, i think you see more young couples hugging and kissing in public places. Finally, one fine day i thought of a reason why this is happening. I mean afterall to a lot of people in Singapore, China is supposed to be more conservative, but their P.D.A is definitely more aggressive than what i see in Singapore, and i realised why, simply because there are so many people and there is no place in Shanghai that you can go where there is no one at all.. hahahahahaha.

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