Monday, September 11, 2006

Coolest Little Start-Up in America

To share with those who always worried for me whether I can make a living doing environmental stuff, here is a guy who did it!

Actually it is nothing new, just composting. The question is how did he manage to increase the rate of composting we can produce enough fertilizers to sell?

Another creation is the liquid fertilizers instead of the usual solid worm poop, so that makes it possible to bottle it up and more importantly - long shelf life.

The concept is really nothing new, though his combination of composting togther with collection of recycling plastic bottles is very interesting.

When they cannot afford the money to buy bottles for bottling, they collected bottles from rubbish bins and stumble upon the idea to use waste bottles, that is even better than recycling cause it is reuse!!

Another reason why he managed to succeed is because he is good at contacting/connecting with his alumni - using his contacts. That is one area that I should really work on....

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