Friday, May 04, 2007

Familiar Bible/Jesus stories.

  • He got to know that a flood will come upon and destory humankind, he told a man to construct a big ship and put his family and animals in the sheep, hence saving humankind.
  • Anyone who wants to worship him, has to perform some ceremony of the following:
    • The person has to eat bread and wine as part of the ceremony
    • He must also wash himself with water in the ceremony.
  • Every year on December 25th, his followers celebrate His Birth.
  • One day of the week, his followers do not work in memory of Him and that day is sunday.
Sounds familiar? Stories from the Bible and of Jesus? No, these are the stories of a Pagan God - Mithra. Wouldn't have caught my eye if I had not watch "Who wrote the Bible?" By the BBC and learnt that the Bible was rewritten before in history.

Source: Translated from the Chinese book of "宽容” which is a tranlsation of Hendrik Wilem Van Loon's work - a history book.

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