Friday, December 14, 2007

Some years different...Slower vs Faster, More energy vs less.

Looking back.. There are such differences in me:

1. My handwriting was pretty neat when I took down notes/reviews of things I read ( yes, I had time to do that then)
2. I cannot even be bothered to run 2.4 km around the track, especially in a heart pumping manner. Compare this when in my JC days, I can run in the morning, go for PE in school and have hockey training in the afternoon.
3. I take like half an hour to go through my routine of push ups, sit ups and weights. Well, we al know that we can clock 30 plus sit ups in a minute at least, so what's taking you so long?

Where has my boundless energy gone to? Part of it has gone as I got so much more busy with all the things. Gone is the leisure life where I just play game in the afternoon and exercise in the evening. Studying was done here and there, as and when I feel like it, hence it was never a torture.

It serves to remind us even more of the importance to find and do something we like. What it also serves to remind me is that let's seek to be energetic - a mindset. Other than the mindset, we got to help our body as well: sleep and rise early, eat slowly and eat less.( must eat with people more often, ha).

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