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As I grow up in life….

This was written a long time ago and never completed – at least Part 1. Finally, today I can't take it anymore after ending a particular phase in my life. And writing it at Keppel Marina Club, where I wanted to start the day at 9am with a wine glass but the bar counter is not ready. So back to Coffee.


Dated: 15/07/10


Par t 1: Life and its purpose


As I grown up in life, I tend to forget some simple things:

Things like the earth will die in five billion years, and all will be gone with it.

Something like this we only got to know recently, and so you wonder,

What happened to those before us?

They died with the faith and beliefs of life after death, but how will they feel if they know, the sun will die and gone will be the earth that they based their thoughts on.

Or think five billion years ahead, if the pollution and overcrowding hasn't killed us.

With some luck, we have some technology, that bring us to planets far far way where we can live for another day. Otherwise, we just stay and be cooked

But I am sure that there will be some who will be too poor to afford the fee,

So what will they do but wait and see the sun grow and grow infinity.


Another simple thing that I forgot, is how "ordinary" we are.

Yes we have life! But other than that, are we special?

Earth is just a planet in an ordinary solar system.

Around every star, there can be a solar system,

Thus there are many systems in our Milky Way galaxy stardom.

And dear old Milky Way is just another galaxy,

With many other galaxies as neighbours in a galaxy cluster.

And for all you know, it doesn't stop here.

Cause our galaxy cluster is just another of those plain, old galaxy clusters.

So the list go on .. till the ends of the universe.

But what's the end of the universe? For the universe is the universe.


So there we go, we are not that special.

Then the next thing I am concerned. Are we really that kind- hearted?

Next come the evolution theory, then it is all just the survival of the fittest.

We realize we just come from monkeys and so much for god's image.

Is it we take after him or is he that take after us?

Up the tree of life I pursue, and realize our common ancestor was just a simple cell.

Kudos to all the scientists, who nearly repeat the miracle.

They succeeded in making the magic soup to give us the amino acids.

And perhaps all we need, is just God's touch.

To give us meaningful codes from the strands of proteins.


With the theory and some common sense, we can work out to some astonishing facts.

For example, all that we are. May have just come from genes trying to pass themselves down as Dawkin says.

They make us enjoy sex, and many other things. So that we behave in certain manner.

To ensure we reproduce and replicate the genes in the process.     

This geney stuff can explain many stuffs. Like why we care for our siblings more than for the others and why does incest rarely happens between son and mother.

If you really want to know more, I suggest you read under Steven Pinker.

"How the mind works" I believe, that's the title that says it all.

Otherwise, check out Richard Dawkins's "The selfish Gene"

If you want a quick summary, Bill Branson's "A little history of everything" is lighthearted and yet informative. If I have the choice, I will make it compulsory reading for all.


Forget the technical science, and just use your observations, same you can come to some interesting conclusions.

Talk about emotional intelligence, think Daniel Goleman.

With nothing too complicated, he explains why we are so emotional.

Actually evolution has served us well, it just that we went too fast in the recent times.

Our instincts and senses haven't caught up with us yet, as mentioned by Allan and Barbara Pease.


Evolution theory brings us from the single cell to the richness of life.

Why did world history turn out to be as such? Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs and Steel" answers that smart.


That's about it. Books can tell us so much about the physical world.

If fact you learnt that science can explain almost everything, except how did the Big Bang came about and how we move from amino acids to the first life.




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