Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Batttle of I vs Me and myself

Last week, spent a few evenings on playing Colonization instead of getting started on ICCS, Toastmasters or just exercising.

True it is tough to continue “working” after work, but if you can't slack and do your personal stuff during work, after office hours then become very important. This is in mind that we spent more time working than living our personal life.

The saddest thing though is that really when I had the many months of doing nothing during my absence of job – i chose to spend it all on netting and games like colonization.

Do I totally not enjoy playing game? Only when I have many other things to do and I know that other things will satisfy me more because I will grow with them or that they are important to be done such as finanical planning and career planning.

For example on things I like to do:
  • Do something that I have not been able to do before, such as swimming better and better under shili and doing an open sea swimming
  • Having good conversations like that time with Ah Cai and Meijun.
  • Writing good stuff – like poems in secondary school
  • writing good speeches.
Things I hate:
  • Doing things with no outcome
  • Being late

It is truely pleasant if we don't have to rush and we do things as it happens.

It is true : the worst enemy of the best is all the good.

We just have to choose choose choose and choose.

Actually, I like it now too on how I have tried to adopt tackle big rocks first: I tend to just do my main projects at work – checking emails only at in between slots. The same thing happen for my personal life – checking email and especially facebook become something that happens if I am waiting in a queue etc.

Though this is bad too in a sense, you are never allowing your brain to chill.

I have done 2 things that should make a difference in making sure that I do sit down to get more things done:
  • A desktop image of all the things that I want to do.
  • To open up personal to do list whenever I switch on my Mac.
    Just like how I am rather disciplined for work, I need to create this habit of getting things done after work.
    To do so, don't rely on just self discipline – use influencer. Will update on this!

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