Saturday, October 01, 2011

孔子 与 曹操 ?!!

孔子与曹操则么能够相提并论呢 ? 这也许就是从新拿起易中天的“品三国” 的惊喜。

曹操与孔子都是实话实说, 不唱高调的“真” 人。只是孔子是“真君子”,曹操是“真小人” - 但是他们都不是“伪君子” 。

《先秦诸子-百家争鸣》 第18页:
孔子 - “富与贵, 是人之所欲也”;“贪与贱, 是人之所恶也” ; 但 “不以其道得之”, 则“不处”。

Everyone wants to rich, no one wants to be poor, but to obtain by wrong mean, that is not acceptable.

But he does not claim it is wrong to want to be rich. If wealth comes as part of doing good, why not?

《品三国》 - 第15 页:
“宁我负人 毋人负我”


Yet the truth is how many of us can do the reverse?  To put everyone else before ourselves? Perhaps only Gandhi.  所以曹操只是把奸诈的话公开的说出来。

Another irrelevant thing: Pg 35
曹操年轻的时候倒也是好官一名,但是他或许不知孔子: “邦有道则智, 邦无道则愚”  

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