Sunday, November 27, 2011

Facebook and Facebook

Something about Facebook:

Google - spearheaded targeted advertising but only based on your search query and emails,  Facebook - allows peer pressured advertising.  

It's a shift from wisdom of the crowds in Google and other review websites to wisdom of friends. 

The friends, the connections, the likes are all produced by us. Facebook is just the ultimate enabler.

Making it social:
In 2005, Facebook entered photo sharing, there was Flickr, Photobucket. It was like bring a knife to a gun fight. Facebook resolution of photos was not good enough to print and there was no real organising capabilities.

But you can tag photo - that was it. Facebook made photosharing social.

Chance to make a dent in the universe:

Everyone at Facebook was a star somewhere else.  It is the chance to make a real difference - " You get at most one shot... in your life time to actuallly truly affect the course of a major piece of evolution." Sam Lessin.

Mark is a guy who is so sure of himself and self- control is so total that he drives an Acura when he could afford a Bentley.

"It isn't, and never has been, about the money" Mark.


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