Thursday, February 09, 2012

Looking for 姑姑 (Gu Gu)

"Don't worry, I am fine " as I grimaced as others asked me how I felt after I fell from the Yikebike. Yikebike is an electric vehicle that we are running a trial on(

The most surprising thing is that a shoulder dislocation doesn't really hurt in the beggining. Here is how it happened:
We had a trial of the Yikebike, and pretty soon after one or two tries, i could  balance and turn pretty well after one or two tries. ( you can't help it well if you are naturally altheletic, ahem)

The person in charge said to me," here, I remove this pin that will allow you to go faster". That was it. The first try that I was allowed full speed, I could go up to 20 plus km/h. As I whizz past and tried to turn,I crashed. With that, I became a one arm swordsman like 杨过 (Yang Guo).

It didn't hurt much in the begining and I could pretty much bring myself in a cab in the end to A&E of NUH. However,as time past, the pain got worse. As the pretty student doctor asked me  on a scale from 0 to 10, what is my pain level?

Even though as I wonder how she still got time to put light makeup when their schedule is so busy, I replied It was an 8!

Afterall it can't be10 as that is reserved for childbirth.  Still the pain grew and at a point, I couldn't take in complete breaths as I will move my shoulder and it will hurt.

That was my first time in A&E and mine, it was chaotic. Lack of bed space, so everytime they will push my bed to one slot to work on me in private, then I would be moved out into a general parking area once they were done for another patient to use that original slot. Basically, I was being moved around all the time. Thank god, I had my book and a friendly male nurse called Farhan.

It was nice hearing that Farhan studied nursing before NS, worked as a nurse during his NS SCDF days and now, back as a nurse. Always nice to hear people who do what they really want to do.

The next highlight was the laughing gas - you really get high. It is enjoyable! I was given it to relieve the pain as the doc pop my shoulder back.  I can appreciate better why people take drugs and why stevie says we should all take LSD once in our lives.

Despite my groaning (despite the laughing gas), the doctor forcibly force my arm past a certain angle and POP! The world was quiet.
Suddenly, the pain subsided from an intense pain to a throbbing numbness. Ah....
Thus, I became an one arm swordswordsman for a week. But Yang Guo is incomplete without his GuGu.

P.S the whole point of this article is not about electric vehicle, or shoulder dislocation. If you know someone who stays stunnningly beautiful after 30 years and sleeps on a rope. Please pigeon me!

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