Sunday, April 29, 2012

The art of losing.

To be honest, losing sucks. 
But when I was there, I realised that I have never really experienced and enjoyed the feeling of losing.
Coming from a uniform group, I have never really joined a competition where it is an individual game and hence I have never really lost before. 
The only losing experience that still sticks in my mind - how during a shooting competition in RINCC, I knew how I wasn’t aiming that perfectly, maybe a 70 instead of a 90 upon 100 but my mind still froze and I didn’t adjust. I still went through the motion of shooting and I think my team only got third. 
If I didn’t remember wrongly, I was one of the two better shooters in the team. 
What else can I take away from this experience? 
Yup, everything on stage just gets magnified and having a stage is just different speaking in front of a lecture.  I have had some experience speaking in front of a lecture room but no, not on the stage. 
The wittyness required on stage perhaps really calls for my table topics.  Yup, so that is really one of my biggest takeaways - to go back to my toastmasters. 
Everything gets magnified on stage - yup so my little hand cue for my partner or how I I change my smile drastically all gets magnified, even my tiredness from rushing between reservist and my paper executive competition all can be seen. 
I think the most tiring thing about reservist is that I don’t really get a complete good night rest - people snoring, too cold etc, I always get woken up in the middle of the night. Doesn’t help that everyone wants to stay in the mess till late and we want to wake up early. 
The other interesting thing is as always we heard: models just strip backstage.  Yup, everybody does that and it is just that we are all too busy to notice who’s hot or not.  However, the first time when we had to do that a corner of an auditorium and there was no rush of an event - it was a little humiliating for me.  
On a side note, I have better conversations with 2 other contestants only after I talked with one of them about his area of expertise and the other when I supported him, hence whatever Dale Carnegie said the easiest way to be a good conversationalist is to listen to that person’s interest! I am glad that I am innately curious about most things, so I can be genuinely interested in what you have to say. 
Last but not least, yup, Daniel Ong is a good Emcee cause he manages the mike in your direction as you turn around to face all the audience. 
Back to at the most 3 goals for the month of May: 
1. has to be motorbike. 
2.  will be Rijani Training. 
  1. Focusing on my eco office both for work and for volunteering? 
I feel so much like finishing all the book reviews of the books I have read, lying around the house. 
Remember, do what is fun!  Maybe it will be book reviews. I will kill Eco Office over work - not sure if I still need to do it at Coastal Cleanup since I have an avenue to do it over work. 
You know what? Often you know what you really want to do when you sit down, keep quiet and listen to yourself. 
Yup, the opportunity for ICCS Sustainability Captain may have decreased now that I get to do Eco Office.  Then again, the Eco office at work may not be voluntary. It is always neater to work with willing partners. 
Let me think about it again some more.. Should be a mix of the 2. 

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