Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crazy Ideas last time that I once had

Sometimes, seriously thinking back, I have led a life with various ideas but many a times, I have come close to drafting it up but not close to implementation.  Hence, yes, I am a loser in some sense.

Perhaps, it will be good to list down all the wild ideas I once had so far and see how far have I gotten with them?

1.    Printer cartridge collection in NUS when I was a student:
a.   Which I didn't manage to carry out before I left for Shanghai, thankfully I managed to return as a staff to NUS and managed to carry it out – laying out printer cartridge collection boxes throughout NUS.
2.   Crowdsource the inconvenient truth screening on TV.
3.   Vegetarian Card project
4.   Eco office consultancy business
5.   Hot, Flat and Crowded Oil Talk.
6.   Coastal cleanup business – Thankfully, I started on it and had one customer.
7.   Foodwaste + Carrotmob
8.   Plastic bags –
a.   Pay for plastic bags with the funds going towards needy families like GST rebates.
b.   most are ordering from malaysia ( 6 years on)
9.   Free cycle like TaskAmigo.

That's why now I always say Ideas are cheap.  

Looking back at my diaries since Secondary School, it was also a little depressing to realise that I have been struggling with self discipline for so long. All the way throughout to Uni in fact.  In fact I think I am more disciplined at work because I always remind myself that I am paid for it.  

Then again, I didn't get all these ideas till university actually. At the end of the day, it still boils down to Pure Focus on one thing.

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