Monday, June 30, 2014

Complete Home Renovation 2013 and early 2014

Major SISAN ( Store in Shape as New) this year:
1) From sleeping on the floor
The mess at delivery

Nearly 100 screws for a adjustable bedframe that I did not need

To a proper bed with a very comfortable  mattress.

2)The best part was removing this table and creating ....

a standing table!  Why would you want to have a standing table: Link

3) Replacing the old kitchen table 

with a bamboo table:

However, the greatest of all achievement with Aldys' help was:

Painting one side of the room BLUE and installing the bloody STOLMEN - drilling ceiling holes and getting it wrong...

One Last Thing:

What do you do with your old furniture that is still in good shape?

Don't just throw them at the bottom of your flat!!

1) Donate them at Free Cycle
2) Donate them Pass it On

I found Free Cycle the most useful with a Fillipino family collecting my Sofa that was 8 - 10 years old.   These 2 resources will take a little effort but you will not feel obliged to donate to The Salvation Army.

Last but not least, call your Town Council to pick up your ready to be thrown away furniture - they pick up 3 items per month free and my experience was that they could arrange the pickup the next day.   You can avoid adding the clutter at the bottom of your flat.

One last thing to add to the wall to complete the room renovation ...

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