Friday, April 15, 2016

Rejecting Temptations in Stores

Seeing things in store:

- go and walk MUJI then feel like buying storage to store the spectacles
- struggle to want to buy the neck pillow , when I have 2 plastic air pillows
- go past NIKE then feel like buying the $248 flower shoe

It is at those physical stores that I am tempted to buy, in the first place I didn't even desire not want to buy.

That's the good thing about online shopping so you can directly find what you want to buy. But that is also bullshit because there are random offers online as well.

Since, I didn't even intend to buy those things in the first place, maybe the best thing to do is to avoid all these physical shopping or to an extent online shopping - it means less decision fatigue.

Spend the time physically cycling around and enjoying nature instead.

A store is designed for you to buy things - the more we stay away from that, the less we need to exercise our limited discipline muscle to reject that.

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