Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why travel?

Why travel?

I remember in my first overseas trip - to New Zealand on a geography trip ( which my family paid for despite our finances), I was trying to soak in as much of the sights as possible.

I still remember the days where I just started traveling to Malaysia for treks in university, I was just keep looking out if the window and trying to see as much as possible - sights that are different from Singapore.

Now after, traveling across China, India and USA, 审美疲劳了。 often , when we don't travel with a local AND with someone whom we share a language, there is really limited things that we can learn about the culture and place.

Checking off list of places doesn't appeal to me and visiting places of interest after places of interest just does not excite me any more - hence I don't think I can travel for months - unless for financial reasons, traveling in the long haul is cheaper in terms of flight tickets.

Still, I think I am far away from the "ticking of lists" by the sheer fact that I have planned a Trans Sib trip that drops off so many places.

At the end of the day, the best arrangement may still be to travel for work and getting a chance to extend the trip - flight paid for and short enough as a break from work.

Next, perhaps to try too is travel volunteer - do something each trip. I don't like to visit beaches to relax - I feel deep inside that it is like a commercial faux. Perhaps though, if I travel to beaches to learn surfing or practice diving, that would be different. It would be like learning something.

Why does visiting places of interest sound lame? One example I would give is that - do you visit the places of interests in your own country? Maybe Singapore is a lousy example with little natural places of interest.
So are many places of interests actually worth you flying across the world to visit?

That is also a reason why I swear by United World Heritage sites.

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