Friday, June 07, 2019

The day I chose to give up Gunung Pengrago:

For one I felt that my legs will beginning to ache, and I felt like one of those people who didn't train for a marathon and yet is trying to complete one - in the process killing the joints of the legs

Next, somehow maybe too, I am tired of pretty views - with that being said, pangrago didnt promise a view since it was so near to Gunung Gede.

What happened to " I climb the mountain because it is there?"

I suspect that I got into trekking and hiking because I wanted to use nature to inspire people to save the environment. However, it must be said that other that Taman Negara, I haven't actually seen much wild animals in my nature hike.

Trekking isn't particularly a very Techinical sport except for being a gear slut and I see that I have plateaued in what I can learn further more in hiking.

It is not to say that hiking does not have its value- somehow, driving through Yosemite and going back to a place with TV at the end of the day just isn't as restorative. It is that boredom for hours in a day in hiking that seems to distill thoughts out. In fact, most of the commentary of this post comes from the hike of Gede.

That said, there are still things I want to learn in hiking: cooking, getting a good fire burning.

Moving forward, I can see where my next interest of juxtaposition lies: it will be great to kind of combine hiking skills together with some trail building volunteering or almost even better- some wildlife monitoring project.

I am going to miss my hiking friends of which have taken the path less travelled. However,just like how I spent this Vesak Day Long weekend hiking, I could have spent it learning free running or fixing up that stupid swimming skills.

You only have one life to do limited things

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