Sunday, June 28, 2020

Thomas Friedman Speech 2011at NUS

The common accounting of the financial and ecological crises:
  1. Underprized risks, 
  2. Privatised Gains
  3. Socialised losses
Climate CHange and greenhouse gas is like a blanket. More CO2 etc is like putting on a thicker blanket. 

The reason to act is not because you are certain. The reason you act is because you are uncertain. 

Incredible opportunities masquerading as insoluble problems. 

Abundant cheap clean electrons is the solution to 5 main problems:
- Energy and Natural Resource Demand
- Petrodictatorship
- Climate Change
- Energy Poverty
- Biodiversity Loss

The green revolution is reached when the " green " word disappears. 
- you can't build a building unless it meets minimum building efficiency. 

Price matters more in the green revolution than the IT revolution. 

IT revolution changes the function basically, from landline to mobile phone. 
Green Revolution - doing the same thing, in a different way. same heating etc. No improvement in your life. 

Commodities - the more you create demand, the higher the price. 
Technologies - the more you create demand, the lower the price. 

The project could not be harder, the time could not be later, the stake could not be higher, the payoff can not be higher. 

You got to see it to save it but now we have Earphones in your ears, handphone in your face. 

It takes a village to raise a child. To get the whole thing together and work, is really hard. 

Speed, scope and scale needed.  

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