Friday, February 03, 2006

First post from Shanghai

Hi there,  
Better blog about these before I get too busy and forget about it again. First day upon arrival in Shanghai, already experienced 2 things that I have never experienced before:
  • Fireworks.  As most pple know, they do let off fireworks as and where they like and these crazy people were doing so for the entire fifth day of lunar new year.  They start at midnight to welcome the god of fortune, and I still keep hearing fireworks throughout the day.   If only I can upload the video clip of fireworks.

  • Maglev.  The only commercial magnetic train I think.
(image placeholder)
This crazy thing can reach that speed as you see about, so as you see, China may not be as backwards as we think.

The thing I am pissed about though is that BBC news website is “banned” in China, I can’t access it.. There goes my homepage.

I think I can’t view the personal blogs on Blogspot also. I can view those group blogs but I cannot view my own blog.  There it goes, I can’t see the comments from all of you out there and I was still thinking of taking a better look at Ruixuan, Jiasheng and Kenneth previous comments.   Perhaps this is the lack of freedom…

Another day.. time to go visit my office.
Tazzy Marcus

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pinto said...

Hi Marcus, glad you're still blogging. Keep it up. I'll try to email my comments to you instead. Wanted to comment on your previous post about adventure instructors too... very pertinent observations there.

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