Sunday, February 05, 2006

Second day in Shanghai: 020206


Saw this little girl at the roadside selling market produce. The interesting thing though is that this is at the roadside and the fishes were actually still alive in their basin - their way of keeping things fresh.

Time flies. These few days i just spend my time visiting places and walking around, haven't done anything much.

The other interesting thing is the picture of the old man doing refuse collection. Appartantly at his age, he is still pretty fit. Talked to a Shanghainese recently, he seems pretty proud to announce that putting the refuse in plastic bag is the latest "success" they have with rubbish. Hmm..

More interesting though is this picture of this lady sorting out rubbish. This picture is taken in the Puxi area of Shanghai which is a bustling area. This lady is sorting out rubbish at the bottom level of a mni shopping all and all the well-dressed individuals are walking pass her. Of course this is nothing in a sense - a common rich poor divide in the world. SIgh.. What is more interesting though is that she is sorting out plastic bags even. I never knew that plastic bags can also be recycled for money, though i didn't confirm it with her. However it does seems that she is sorting out mere plastics and not any like plastic bottles.

Okay, that's about it for the 2nd day of Shanghai.

Tazzy Marcus.

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