Thursday, March 09, 2006

Episode on new colleague

Episode on new colleague:

2 weeks back, a new colleague named Lona arrived and personally I think I have a lot to learn from her. She is currently staying alone and working in Shanghai, far away from her home elsewhere in China. Therefore she has to take care of herself and do all the housekeeping herself. She commented also that she is used to that as she is rather independent as Chinese kids do go to hostel to study from high school onwards which can be located in another city altogether.

Maybe due to this upbringing, she is rather friendly unlike me who is rather reserved on the first few days of work where I didn’t really engage in conversations with my colleagues. Also, upon receiving a call, she picks up and respond confidently though she is on the first day to the company. When she cannot reply to the caller and transferred the call, she actually clarifies about how to answer the next time. As for me, I just listen to the one who answers and assume – I don’t clarify completely. She is also not shy is asking for help, which I am at times. Maybe cause I am a guy. Hmmm, something else learnt today.

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