Thursday, March 09, 2006

Singaporeans and $ in Shanghai

Singaporeans making money in Shanghai :
My mates and i also had the opportunity to meet 2 Singaporeans - Aunty Mabel and Mr Chong. Aunty Mabel owns a massage palour and Mr Chong works for a logistic company. They look for us to students to involve us in this new business venture – that is to let us students to be tour guides for Japanese who are working in Shanghai. Due to the history between the 2 countries, the Japanese are not very welcomed in China, hence they often stick to themselves in a clique. With our bilingual capabilities, we can be guides for them. The idea is that we get to go for tour ourselves without paying.
This episode strucked me as really a lot of people are hitting on any and every single business opportunity that comes along. This is good from the point of view that we can actually make lots of money, however there seems to be a lack of focus. For example, for the 2 of them, they can actually pay more attention to their core business instead of trying to spin off new business opportunity. Yet again, at the beginning phase of every business, it could be like this as you don't want to throw yourself into the business and risk losing everything, maybe a good idea to keep your original core business so that you can still fall on that should everything fails.

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