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Roots and Shoots Eco -office Evaluation programme

I am getting desperate that are near the schools that are participating in this programme and i have gone onto post in Craiglist and

and this is what i have been posting....










您要是对该项目感兴趣,而且您的办公室位于参与项目学校的附近, 请联系上海根与芽青少年活动中心的负责人。


1. 交通大学附属中学: 宝山区殷高路 42号

2. 进才中学: 浦东新区杨高中路 2788号

3. 格致中学: 广东路 615号

4. 上外附中: 上海市虹口区中山北一路 295号

5. 三林中学: 浦东三林路 658号

6. 华师大附属东昌中学: 浦东栖霞路34 号

关于项目的细节, 请参看附件。 如果你有什么疑问, 请尽快联系我们:

Marcus Tay Guan Hock



办公室电话: 63523580

地址: 上海市延安东路550号海洋大厦15 楼



绿色有益, 浪费有害。

项目截至日期为2006年10月30 日

请您将 将这份信息传递到每个热爱环保事业的企业手中。


Green Is Good.

Waste is Bad.

Do you want to save your company a lot of money?

Do you want to help to protect the environment of Shanghai?

Do you want your company to be known as a "Green" leader in Shanghai?

Do you want to help students to learn about business and to also become very aware of how to protect and nurture their environment?

Do you want some free consulting on how to achieve all of the above?

Join the "Eco-Office Evaluation Programme" managed by Jane Goodall Institute- Shanghai Roots and Shoots!

It is simple, easy and free. We will come to your office and in two hours we will be able to provide you with information on where you are wasting money and how you can manage your office to be more responsible to the environment.

If you are interested and your office is near any of our participating schools, do contact us!

Participating schools and address:

1. High School Affiliated With Jiao Tong University 交通大学附属中学

# 42, Ying Gao Rd , Baoshan District 宝山区殷高路 42号

2. Shanghai Jing Cai Middle School 进才中学

#2788 ,Yang Gao Rd, Pudong District 浦东新区杨高中路 2788号

3. Shanghai Ge Zhi High School 格致中学

#615, GuangDong Rd 广东路 615号

4. Shanghai Foreign Language school affiliated with SISU 上外附中

#295 ,North ZhongShan Yi Rd , Hongkou District 上海市虹口区中山北一路 295 号

5. Shanghai SanLin Middle School 三林中学

#658, SanLin Rd , Pudong District 浦东三林路 658号

6. DongChang Middle school affiliated with ECNU 华师大附属东昌中学

#34, XiXia Rd , Pudong District 浦东栖霞路 34号

You can refer to the attachment for more details regarding the program and do contact us should you have any queries:

Marcus Tay Guan Hock


Office: 63523580

Address: 15/F Ocean Towers, 550 Yan An Rd East, Shanghai



The deadline for application is 30th of October 2006.

Green is good. Waste is Bad.

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