Wednesday, July 30, 2008

After meditation

Today, I went for a talk by Singapore first Googler - Tan Chade Meng
The most relevant of the talk for me ( because I was already familiar with Google) was when Meng finally shared about his plans to save the world:
- To develop research of medidation into such a level such that its benefits are as equally recognised as exercise, such that
meditationis to bring as well practised as common people wants to exercise.

As he pointed out, meditation will bring about more self awareness. When he first mentioned that Daniel Goleman in his book "Emotional Intelligence" only raised the idea of emotional intelligence and not how to attain it, I wanted to disagree initially. This is because i know that in his book, Daniel Goleman did cover a couple of courses that are covered by schools to teach students to manage their emotions. Also, he also outlined the 3 stages of emotional intelligence - Self awareness, Self mastery then it is Interpersonal Mastery. I believe there is a fourth one but I cannot remember.

Then again, perhaps, meditation is a clear method to mastering self awareness. One thing that Meng brought out that was particularly interesting was that so far efforts to ensure world peace is from outside and not working from the inside. As one mediates, hopefully compassion and love for a greater world will also emit out.

This is actually kind of cool as a concept and I am not justifying Meng's idea by this sloppy writing. However, if you think about it again, this is actually something that Daoism and Buddism has been trying to do? Then again, if he is able to raise meditation to such a proven scientific and popular level as exercise, we probably have a greater shot at world peace and have more compassionate people around the world. Just as no matter how people how beneficial is exercise, there are still lots of people who don't exercise, I suspect it will be the same for meditation.

Another thing I brought away from this talk is again the reinforcement of " Screw it, Just do it!"
Ideas are cheap, implementation is the tough part. So similar for my job searching, instead of applying local jobs that I think I stand more chance but not really completely aligned to my long term goals, I should start with the overseas jobs and work the other way around, also to have more time to pursue my " Convenient Truth " idea.

Meng, you won me back to mediate again. To use mediate as a little break instead of my TV. Maybe I should add for your meditation course, you may want to consider solitary confinement. Anwar Sadat, Nehru and Ghandi all went through that and came out with stronger soul..

Last but not least, I have to end with this: Thanks to Shane, she is the one that reminded me to ask the question to Meng at the beginning of the FAQ though I only ask it right at the end.. Hahaha..

She is probably the person who "complements" (Can't think of a better word. Can't say 知我者, but something along those lines) me best, same frequency and intelligent girl whom I can share some things I read about with. Then again, with interpersonal skills of her level, she probably is the "complement" of many people.

Helen Rowland:
" A good woman inspires a man; a brillant woman interests him; a beautiful woman fascinates him and a sympathetic woman gets him"

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