Monday, July 21, 2008

Guizhou during the May Holidays 2006 Part II


For the first day, we were supposed to visit 4 students but the other 2 students were not around. 王朝富, was one of those not at home. Peeping through the gap between the planks of wood that form the walls of his house, we could see the many certificates that this student earned for excellent grades and behaviour. The gap was big enough for us to stick our camera in between and take a photo of the certificates that were pasted on the opposite wall.

As someone who swore at the winter weather of Shanghai, I was more worried about how this family is going to live through the winter, especially being high up in the mountains, there will be more chilly wind that will simply blow through this house.

Later, we managed to visit the student late at night. There he was trying to change a lightbulb specially because of our visit (otherwise it will be too dark) and amazing 黄莉姐, trying to interview him in the dark.... She is like in her 40s with a knee injury but throughout that 4 days, she trekked through all the mountains to reach the students houses together with us...

So here you see how "airy" the house is, and how they attempted to use straws to cover up the holes...

At the end, let's end with a mug shot of two little pigs that they own... I finally appreciated better why they say pigs are dirty animals who can swim around in their own filth.. For this photo, I held my breath and charge in, took it with flash in the dark without knowing what I was shooting and surprisingly, it turned out pretty well.. hee...

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