Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oil is not only needed as fuel..

Biofuel technology could lift economy - 14 Jul 2008 - Economic News - NZ Herald:
"Watson, who founded Genesis Research, says 48 per cent of oil goes into transport fuels but the other 52 per cent goes into chemicals which drive the plastics industry."

I guess this statement in the above article says it all about an issue that I think lots of people are not thinking about out there。 That is while we debate the use of biofuels, nuclear fuel to replace fossil fuels as source of energy, no ones seems to talk about the fact that we are using fossil fuels to produce the plastic that is in almost every material in our everyday life.

Hence let's take it for example that renewable energy and nuclear can supply all our electricity/energy needs, we probably still need to use some land(be it palm oil or even just growing algae) for biofuels to make alternative plastic replacements?

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