Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reflections from Saving Gaia

Yes, I won the Mediacorp's Gaia Life Challenge We all know that I had a chance in winning cause many other greenies in Singapore probably didn't sign up for the event.(Think Wilson, Ria and Siva)

I guess the biggest thing that I brought away from the event was that the public may not need to know the scientific mechanisms of the environmental problems as a start, it will be good enough to ask them to adopt steps to protect the environment in consideration of their pockets. Whatever the means as long as we achieve the ends. At this time of high inflation, of course, it is useful to teach them to save their own pockets through adopting standby energy, avoiding wastage etc.

Hopefully, the next step will be to educate everyone about issues such as the persistent existence of plastics in our oceans and the presence of various toxic chemicals in our body due to bio-magnification and bio-accumulation etc. All these are essential education steps so that consumers can exert the pressure to change industrial and commercial production methods. Of course, if everyone can go on to internalize the issues and adopt greater changes in their lifestyle such as avoiding plastic bags or going more vegetarian in their diet, that will the most ideal situation. Everyone will have to be an environmentalists in their second and third roles in their lives.

Not everyone makes environment the focus of my life, and how boring Earth would be if everyone does. However, perhaps just like how everyone thinks it is important to have some knowledge of financial management , everyone will be educated to a certain degree regarding environmental issues. I think it will be great enough everyone everyone could be like Michelle, having another job and passions but still caring about the environment in your everyday behaviour. There is no need to understand or learn about the Basel Convention or Clean Development Mechanism for the common environmentalist I guess...

Last but not least, my favourite part of the games was finally I got to share the Easter Island Story though i got the lowest point for the art games. Ha.

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