Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Certain Frustrations

It has been almost a year since I was working. Somehow I am unhappy. Maybe because I have too much than I can handle and in my personal life, I also give myself too many mini projects. It is getting serious cause i do find myself grinding my teeth and that, is so mentally unhealthy.

I have not been able to apply the principle of only doing what is important? Beware of the barrenness of an overcrowded life.
In my personal life, there are many books and podcasts that I read and follow. Maybe I should take out some of them and just follow the more important ones. If the documentaries are so boring, just don’t follow them.
Instead of reading endless mailing lists and stuff, spend my time and effort into doing the more important things that I want to do – learning certain skills, writing out certain books.
Is writing out the books into ppt important, may not be in a sense, but I do realise that such actions like making notes makes things stick with me. Should I then give up doing certain things like learning new skills over doing book summaries? I think the key thing is at the end of the day, being able to avoid TV and other rubbish after work and do some good stuff after work.
After so many years, I have still not been able to do something consistently for a reward – such as finishing a certain task and allowing myself a reward like watching the TV at the end of the day. That is maybe the reason why I have never reached greatness. In a certain sense, I have actually been depriving myself of certain pleasures, by making sure I read well, listen to meaningful programs instead of just playing game in my spare travelling time.
I don’t know if there is a fixed capacity to everyone – after driving so hard at work, and to exercise, sleeping enough to stay absolutely alert at work, there is none functional capacity left to do the extra things.

In any case, I think I just need to master the habit of doing meaningful things after work.

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cut down on your tv, dear..



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