Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long chats

Had a marathon 8 hour chat with Cai and MJ, talking about serious stuff about society and personal fulfilment. It was good.

Other memorable conversations:
- 5 hr with Jia on life and ourselves.
- 4 hrs over Christmas on science. (Intellectual, non emotional)
- Spontaneous chat with SL, LM and Fiona

It is always nice to chat with no end of topic and with everyone feeling involved:
Not just on the frivolities of life of what everyone is doing, but what is life, what is our purpose, what is the society that we want.

It is easier to chat so much someone u just got to know.
But it is more precious with friends u know for long and not to mention, interjected with laughter while talking seriously about bigger issues beyond ourselves. There is perhaps my good fortune to have this group of friends.
- More than 2 people ( for humour to interject)
- Individuals who care about things beyond themselves and their family.

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