Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy reading the papers: (let's just write the Mark Twain's Autobiography way)

The book “First things first” has this interesting paragraph - “Times we could have spent through the years doing things together... but didn't because we were too busy earning a living, making the right connections, or simply reading the papers”

This year, I have been rather distracted by the relationship failure, I believe mainly because I was really jolted into thinking why the hell should I take things so seriously and why not just have fun with girls? Or to put it more mildly, why look for wife and not just look for gf? Afterall, you still get to cuddle and kiss.

Thinking back to why I am so happy at Roots and Shoots, the reasons for my general unhappiness in life is apparent.

On work:

  • Roots and Shoots everyone has their sub projects and deliver. I don't feel like the only one chased by deadlines all the time.

  • Everyone delivers in their projects because they feel for it.

  • I handle mainly only 2 projects and is able to do them well enough.

Was life not as busy then? Not true because I had a gf and had studies at the same time too.

So even though I am very busy like I am now, there was certain pleasure in it.

Having someone to hang around with is still better than spending my time on Miniclip or stupid videos. Or always updating firefox extensions for the matter. Though I must say, I really do get an intense pleasure from watching good documentaries – when I learn. So yes, I have to learn.

Am I spending too much time on exercise now? Maybe on the weekends leading up to the Standard Chartered as I run in the morning and sleep half my day away. Nope, I can't let exercise rule my life. We keep fit only to so that we are in better physical health to make a difference.

I guess I also admire Gen because she can work such long hours, still train and still keep her room tidy. Well, my stuff is a mess in the room cause I work intensely, exercise still, read and read, and still volunteer. I reminds myself of Colin back in JC, where everything was messy- including handwriting cause so many things going on in life.

Or as I talked to Weili back on Sister Island, she prefers only to do small volunteer work because she wants to just chill out on weekends. Then if my retort was to want to make a difference, hence I have to take up adminstrative roles for my volunteer work, then I have to be willing to pay the price. In that sense, I think I am still pretty satisfied with ICCS cause I feel that I am making a difference, maybe just not so well this year cause of the numerous new demands and because I was feeling just really low from the relationship shit.

Toastmaster then not so good then, feel like I am just doing unproductie sia kang. Must remind myself though I am just there to learn up a valuable skill to contribute more to the environmental effort again. Getting certified and stuff is less important than learning the real skill. It provides a structure to learn the real skill. I have enough leadership training and opportunities in my other volunteer work.

Many originally set goals for new year have been slightly diverted – from Wu shu and Tai ji to Quadrathlon and Marathon( still I am very glad to meet serious runners like Gen and friends, I think when I am learning, I am happy), tried Weiqi and realised that I didn't like it that much, Motorcycle is put on hold

Looking forward:

  • Not too much exercise. An hour a day is simply to keep fit to be able to contribute more.

  • A sense of contribution to a cause is still the most important reason in life. To live a legacy as Stephen Covey put it. Otherwise, it is really just a job and boring.

  • You will love an environment where everyone is passionate. Though we have to 严以律己, 宽以待人 normally.

  • Learn. No point keep running and running cause You can't really grow anymore. Law of Diminishing Returns – more growth and fun initially. So move on to Triathlons and stuff just for fun, then do sports then you can learn like tennis and your deep desire of Taichi and Jeet Kune Do.

  • We can't always get it right first time, so ya, just quit and move on to the next interest/association.

Nope, reading for knowledge like newspapers is not considered important though I have benefitted lots last time. Get the other things done first. It is for time like travelling on trains.

I think I have learnt enough about pursuing passion like Branson, time to learn to be tactful like Abraham.

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