Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cradle to Cradle and Clothes

Someone was just asking me if I wear organic cotton last night and I was just packing cotton clothes for my sister who wants to wear them to sleep.

That was when I realise that actually all the clothes made from plastics( polyester ) last a LONG time.. Some of my shirts are definitely older than 5 years. In fact, I can't change my wardrobe because they don't spoil!! To make things worse, you get plenty of them from all the races.

 So what now. Buy only the good, expensive clothes. No more cheapo clothes. I don't need variety, I only need quality that lasts. 

It is not so much what it is made off, but how do you use the material - the core theme of Cradle to Cradle.  The most famous example in the book was that the authors deliberately printed a book made out of plastic, whose ink can be washed away and then reprinted with new content.

As such, this plastic book is then more environmentally friendly than a typical paperback - defying the normal thinking that paper is more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Though it is a thin book, I do think that actually you get the idea of the entire book quite early through the book. 

Perhaps, the issue is that the book describes an ideal state of the world - how do we get there is still unanswered.  

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