Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knowledge and Time

Things that are not applied quickly loses their value. Spent much time with my bookmarks and random books but they do not directly contribute to my worth at work.

For the period that I was jobless back in June 2008 to December 2008, I was busy reading and reading stuff but not really clearing any of my blogs etc. After sometime, i have also come to realise that blogging on things that I have read is not useful because no one reads it anyway – i am not a sexy writer.

Some of the thoughts back then was the world just needs to know, know about Richard Dawkins's knowledge about evolution, know about the evolution of our race through Jared Diamond and the the destruction of our planet, and we will come together to do something.

What happens is I got lists of lists of notes from videos and books, and many not completed. You have come to learn that pumping of knowledge out is not the best way to educate, but really to ask and answer.

Concurently, at the same time, while I am reading and reading, the truth is that I have not attended much of the useful professional courses. I have researched a couple but never got excited enough by it. Somehow when you compare to your peers, you may find that the time is not so well spent.
It is just like how we join many nature activities to contribute, but if there is no concerted efforts with a certain focus, it doesn't really accomplish anything or bring you anywhere.  As my friend Dinesh was putting to me, upgrade upgrade. Contribute contribute but not at your own expense.

What you need at the end of the day is an overarching misson like Jack Ma: “ To bring e – commerce to a new level in China”, combined with some balance of work with family and fitness.


  • books and emails are meant to be cleared while travelling.
  • Keep getting hijacked by good books and half read some books = bad habit.
  • Time at home got to be used to do things in line with your focus in life – directly on environment, or on really the core fun you want to have in life like Taichi, motorbike. You are not really that super keen on marathons – there is no more upgrading of skills Triathlons are different only because you have more skills to pick up at open sea. Keep it to 10km or 20km for runs.

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