Monday, May 23, 2011

The moon and I

Tonight as I cycled home at night, I caught sight of my old friend in the sky – it was the moon big and bright.

There is a quality of life where you can stare: stare the moon with a drink in hand. Off to 7 Eleven i went, to get a nice chilled chrystamun tea into my hand.

Alas, the drink is here, but the moon is not. Cause it was blocked by trees and buildings of Singapore tall.

Round and round i went till i reach the stadium land, where I finally can see the a piece of the sky kingdom. I wanted to admire the seas and think back to Galileo, but the floodlights were too jaring to eyes and the soccer match disturbing the night.

That was it .. So hard to find a place to see the moon in peace. 

Last Wednesday 18th of May

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