Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The curse of the 5 billion years - Fault of our stars

The inspiration of this comes from John Green's "Fault of our stars" where he wrote:

"No one will be left after 5 billion years after the sun dies to remember what did Julius Caesar did"

The curse is such that a lot of things seem to be meaningless to do.  No point suffering no much to fulfill a particular cause -  it also seems that I should adopt  some people's attitude towards work - you tube and chill.

Yet on the contrary, it is also because of my work ethnics that I am able to build up my experience in my field, so it still helps and is still a good thing after all. 

However, I think my jobless days are the best, whereby I work as when I feel the most refreshed.  Yes, you do feel happy at work. 

Anything does feel good especially in the first few hours. As written in an article I read, the mother was damn happy reading children story to her child in the first hour, but she was sure that she will come to enjoy less or even find it a torture after the second hour. 

At the end of the day, it seems that the people who just wants to fritter their life away may have gotten it right in the first place.  Just enjoy life and care about yourself and care not so much about the world at large. 

Yet again on the other hand,  the truth is I feel most alive when I am making speeches. The intensity - somehow watching running man doesn't bring that much joy.  But cycling off trail brings that as well. 

On another side of life, I give too little patience to listen to my mother.  I tend to think that the many small things she tell me is really too trivial, and I rather listen to BBC or hear the TV.  I think similar to the situation when i am with my god parents, I can only do an hour of non stop listening and I need to make sure the TV is switched off. 

That was also probably the reason why I ended up with nothing with my ex I guess? I remember that she was was once going on and on about her training schedule and I just had enough. At the end of the day, I may just be that selfish prick who wants to be listened to but not willing to listen.

Oh well, life is a chore when you think too hard... :)

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