Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lost of that ability for guilt free play

The lousy thing abou growing up is losing this ability to just play guilt free.

Remember the days where I will just wait for 10.30pm on Saturdays night to watch the Chinese movies on TV and I will happily be sleeping in late on Sunday.

Now that we learn life is limited, we are hesitant to do this.

Yet at the same time, everything will be gone in 5 billion years - so what is worth doing?

Perhaps, though it is too much to expect someone to keep working - afterall, Lincoln looked forward to his theatre nights - even though he has watched those plays endless times.  Everyone needs to relax.

It is kind of neat to live in the days of Salmon Chase, where he will lament if he worked on a Sunday cause he is not following God's words to rest on Sunday.

Realised that I have this tendancy to sink down into mindless games etc, if I find that I have lot of personal tasks to do.

Again, regardless of how we regard the issue of 5 bilion years, the most precious is again simply to limit each task and enjoy the process - this is the only thing we can hold onto.  THE PRESENT. 

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