Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Had enough of myself and given up on myself to be productive all the time:

Some friends may have noticed that I am disappearing for many of the gatherings.  This is part of my efforts to minimize distractions and focus on a few projects.  Also, I have turned down some events such as trekking etc – if they don't excite me anymore.   Yeah, I am facing an extended quarter life crisis.

The worst thing is that I ended up hiding at home to:
-       Play FIFA
-       Watching Running Man and Nu Huo Jie Tou
-       Or even silly miniclip

Not endlessly but definitely enough to upset myself.  Still, I do enjoy the reduction in the stream of information - a drop from the pretend busyness.

Habits Building:

Look, I have failed in building certain habits - maybe I should classify them as habits of discipline.  Actually it is all about getting down to work during weekends and sometimes after work. 

However, I have built some really amazing habits now that I think about it:
-       Desire to exercise almost every day and it has been a good at least 80%.  I call it desire and not discipline cause most of the time, I do enjoy it!
-       At least one vegge meal a day for lunch or dinner
-       This may not always happen or did dip for a while, but I am also the one always asking for vegge in group meals.  So as a whole, I am rather happy with myself.
-       Choosing to switch on the radio instead of TV when I reach home – maybe I will just give myself a 40% pass rate on that.
-       Using Hankerchief instead of tissue paper.

What did I really fail:
    -  When I start on FAKE leisure at home to stop. Endless drama watching. It is the part where you start and then you continue for 3 hours.
    - Halfway through doing some work and when I needed some break – I relied on watching TV.  Watching TV is pretty fine, it is only really bad when actually at times, I don't wish to watch that programme.  I am only so glad that I have got no Cable at home or it could be so much worse.
So I am giving up on disciplining myself:

Next I will be doing:
-       Just getting away from distractions completely, getting out of the house on weekends to a) NEX Library, b) Central Library c) The HUB. 
-       The sad thing is that I have been bringing my laptop home from work, but I have not been leaving the house.
-       Arranging and rewarding myself with leisure, by that I mean checking out locations in Singapore.  Many times overseas we tend to travel and check out tourist spots and yet we don't do so at home.
The summary of the above 2 is really to walk and work where ever I like, just like what Leo Babuata does, in fact I used to rotate the various libraries of NUS too!

Recalling back to the most productive period of my life was really preparation for O levels prelims, where:
-       I got out of the house consistently – studying at the void deck
-       Accountable buddy – Dennis whom I studied with and made me show up when I didn't want to.
-       -Little bit of consistent reward – That one hour of Dinner TV of that Hongkong Drama serial

Therefore I must always plan to have a weekend day fun. Even in last year NUS days, I make a point to run out of the house to the Law Library or to the Community Centre.  Somewhere with limited leisure, rather no TV and I got no laptop too! The worst that happens is really just stealing a book to read in the library! 

Right now, the tough part is doing all these all top of working hours, but , just but, if I really enjoy them and desire them as the habits above show. It should not be a problem!

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