Monday, December 08, 2014

Daily Habits to cultivate... and that ONE TASK.

Meditation, Pushups, Sit and stand up Straight, one Vegetarian meal for lunch/dinner. Many good habits to cultivate but as we learnt, how to do all of them at the same time.

Excluding all these, there are still those small little goals that I like to achieve but still haven't done so – be it public speaking or is it personal finance. Some of them since 2009, mine mine, is this depressing or what.

Of course, I have had endless struggles with being productive. Still, recently, I chanced upon a rather satisfactory sequence.

There are many daily habits I want to cultivate. However, as I did apply Leo's not more 1 habit to focus per month and some of the habits were previously practised, I realised that I didn't have to be so mindful about a) Vegetarian meal b) Sit and stand up straight.

Now, what will make my day go really right? It is to start the day:

  1. Few minutes of fake meditation – counting 20 breaths and reminding myself that I will die someday.
  2. Some physical pushups and sit up

Coming back from work, or at work – to finish that ONE TASK.

That one task that I must clear before drowning myself fighting emails. More importantly, but not really succeeding in personal life, is that ONE TASK, once completed, then I can allow myself to slack and do nothing.

I guess it is tough in personal tasks because my ONE TASK never gets beyond errands – be it buying mom's birthday cake or planning for my trip. However, that is the case with life – if you have to work ( and shouldn't be so unhappy about work, it is where many people gets to exercise their skills set. The key is whether if there is a feeling of adequacy from being able to finish the 101 tasks assigned to you. Sorry, distracted by work again)

Perhaps, because most of our working hours are taken by work – we will have to reduce our personal tasks/goals. Still, thus far, I think I will have a good day ( a good day ready to pass away) if:

  1. I fake meditated
  2. I did my sets of stationary exercise ( ideally, in addition to a cycle from work or swim)
  3. Did that ONE TASK – that ONE PERSONAL TASK towards my goals ( which I must enjoy the process)   

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