Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Reflections from KL trip June 2014 - shopping?

You kind of realized that you don't enjoy shopping anymore - you used to go overseas and then you wouldn't mind walking around in the malls, buying something makes you feel that you have accomplished something.

Now, perhaps, maybe with Leo Babauta's article that there are adverts everywhere and with online shopping that allows you to be very specialized in your shopping - you don't really need to step inside inside a mall.

As I have learnt in IKEA, all the shops are designed to make you buy things - by avoiding them in the first place, there is less tendency to buy things.

No matter which company is it or how particular they are about the manufacturing process, there will be resources consumed in the production of any product - hence the only way is to consume less.

On a side note, it also becomes a little scary when there seems to be nothing to do in KL - even worse when many people's definition of time well spent is to drive half an hour on the road to look for something nice to eat.

It does seem that only UNESCO world heritage sites or some major nature sites are worth visiting.

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