Sunday, July 19, 2015

Did IPAD add value to my life?

I bought a refurbished Ipad 2 justified by the intention to go for TranSiberia railway in 2013: It was to serve as a storage space for the photos taken ( with my old camera), as well as a mobile computer access– which is very useful either to book hotels or simply to clear emails on the go. Last but not least, was to act as an E book.

On the con side, the IPAD has been stealing my sleep. It has become my device where I waste more time on: Playing FIFA 13, Marvel Heros and watching Running Man or some other drama. It is made possible by some drama app, but I suspect also because I made my working space so uncomfortable to sit for long periods.

For all its benefits in that 2 weeks of travel, maybe one can just do without it and bear with the inconveniences for 2 weeks. One thing that irks me is that as the plane ascends and descends, I wil end up having to bring along a physical copy of a book.

As for photos, I have lost my camera and hence, I am just making do with my Iphone!

Just looking at these 2 sides of comparison, I have to say that the presence of an Ipad depreciates instead of adding value to my life. In general, it is within my own control to spend less time surfing on the internet, but the physical presence and convenience of Ipad makes it tougher to do so.

Sell that Damn Thing!

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