Friday, September 11, 2015

To buy or not to buy:

Even on discount, buying any thing has an environmental footprint and burns a hole in my pocket.

The question to ask is if I need them now? Or can I buy them later? At that date, when I am finally going out for some trip, trekking or otherwise. Doing so too also ensures that they stay in better condition in the cooled warehouse although they have been out of production for years and hence are on discount.

The best example is the supercell dry pants- I already have a waterproof pants, I bought that supercell only because I know that I know that my current waterproof pants are thick and hot.

On another angle, I am very glad with my cargo pants, because I do like one pair to wear up mount orphir, but more importantly, it is that I got another pair of long pants to wear for free running class. That too , actually must make sure that I go for classes twice a week. Otherwise, I can very much survive on one pair.

I can't remember the situation but yes, I was struggling to quickly wash the set of long pants.
With that, yes, I have found and, hence if I ever feel that I need new gear - I have got more options to maybe be able to find those discounted gear.

Then again, will I reach the point whereby I really don't need any of these? I say that I will not buy because I do not absolutely need them? And even to the point that, when I buy, I actually pay more (maybe even not buying another item to qualify for free shipping), as long as I buy more responsibly made stuff?

What would be the highest confirmation of my virtue? In the ideal state?

In the ideal state, I will not buy unless I have a use or rather a need for it. In this case, a couple of extra shirts is fine for me if I can avoid wearing the same shirt in a week.

In not buying things, I conserve resources and I save money. - with that money actually going towards investment so that I can I even earlier just work on the things I feel like working on.

In this ideal scenario , I will buy so little things that I will even be willing to pay more or give on free shipping in order to 1) buy from a more responsible brand and 2) not buy things unnecessarily. Because I bought so little that in totality, the amount of $ I spent is still less overall.

I have bought some clothes from MUJI on impulse because it is organic cotton and it is on discount. I need to get into the mindset of buying only what you need and buying so little.

Living in an examined life is such a pain in ass.

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