Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why MRT lifts are designed as such.

Have you ever wondered why the lift in MRT stations often open in different directions at different levels?  As I was using the lift yesterday, lugging a borrowed luggage from Jiahui, I realized this design is so the visually handicapped people have no need to turn around.  

Actually I realized it must have not been easy for them regarding direction and orientation.  What amazes me more is how they can walk straight cause if you tried, you will realize that you will walk in a circle if your eyes are closed.  Our eyes and brain actually play an active role in maintaining our balance.

Yet, can you imagine that the visually handicapped who are used to turning around every time they enter a normal lift now don’t do so?  I wonder if they are pleased again.

However, my theory may be completely wrong and the design of the lifts may be meant for physically handicapped too who do not need to turn their wheelchair around.

Maybe someone can tell me the official answer from SMRT.

Tazzy Marcus

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