Friday, October 07, 2011

Rome,Inc by Stanley Bing.

"The rise and fall of the first multinational corporation"

That's it. From the tittle, you know that Stanley Bing is funny. Summarized, you will learn a nugget of two of information but you will have he'll of a good laugh with this satirical style.

From the beginning, Rome has one single , great corporate idea -anyone who was conquered by Rome, brought into the body of the business, was a Roman.

Memorable lines and colourful characters:

1. Today, Wall Street presses all organisations to grow or to lose their buy status. Yet growth comes with a terrible price....It was the reach of Rome, far exceeding its grasp, that in the end taxed even its awesome capability to keep things calm and productive under the tent. 

2. Attila the Hun:
  • Only make enemies on purpose
  • Some Huns have solutions for which there are no problems. 
3. Marius, when he was desperate, old and fleeing for his life in Africa, told his group:

He had upset an eagle's nest in which there was 7 baby chicklets.   It meant he will be consul of Rome 7 times. At the point, standing in the wilderness at the end of the rope, Marius was consul only six times.  Guess what the people fleeing with him bought the story.

That's management.

4. Julius Caesar:
  • successful in creating a succession plan. 
  • The assassination of him as a CEO by the elite ruling class
Stark Contrast with his successor Augustus.

Julius treated the establishment rudely and with contempt, building temples to himself and placing them next to areas reserved for gods.

Augustus while he ran the entire show from Sicily to Norse Country, never agreed to be dictator or king for life. He had statues to himself taken down from Hispania to Syria, once again sucking up to the Roman idea of Self.

In the end, Julius Caesar was prematurely murdered and Augustus got everything right except his succession.

The more self centric you are, the faster you end up finished.  Put the organization first, even if it is for appearance only, you will last.
Augustus had all the power of a king, even though he wasn't a real king.

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