Sunday, November 04, 2012

Book reviews and Gist of Information Management

Steve Jobs: "It takes a passionate commitment to truly understand something, chew it up and not just swallow it. Most people just don't take the time"

Most people just don't take the time - it is the same thing mentioned in Road Less Travelled when the author declare that he just does not have good mechanical hands to repair his car. 

How do we get the time?  Really it is to decide what is not needed to be done. 

As John Scully says of Steve Jobs:

It is about what we choose not to do.   Many of us complain about the lack of time to do housework, learn cooking etc. 

And yet, we can be so bored staying at home - that occasionally, we go out for the sake of going out. While doing that, we think that are are not really doing anything productive - or at least I do.

I have already established that information that you don't use immediately is " useless" information - until you have less noise in your life, can you use your limited will power, discipline etc to do the things that are really important. 

With that being said, it is time to be ruthless in clearing book notes again - the many many many many books I have read and taken notes.  " The world is flat" may be good while I read a couple of years back, now perhaps less so. 

Looking back at the dozens of evernotes i made from all the Principles of Persuasions newsletters, bookmarks from Diggo ( in year 2009 especially when I was unemployed) all the way back to the Google Notebooks with all the Springwise Idea cuttings ( That probably came around 2006 when I first go onto information on the net aggressively), it is crazy:
  • Collected lots and lots and lots of ideas that had no immediate applications. 
In this modern day and age where search is more powerful than proper organising ( Witness Tags over folders), there is no need to horde information as in my previous post

In Summary, Information Flow management will be:
  1.  Restrict as much as possible like Pico Iyer:
    1. Less information will fatigue your brain less, less decisions to be made
    2. That's why all those monks are all so peaceful - less things to make decisions on. 
  2. Choose and then focus like a laser - Information will come thanks to search.

This is actually similar to social behavioural change management - Community Based Social Marketing has shown us that providing information is not enough to change behaviour - a complete package of removal of barrier, incentives is needed.  And in that, complete intensity is needed. 

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