Sunday, November 04, 2012

NParks Talks on High Rise Gardening:

  • Fluorescent light use as sunlight
    • needs at least 2-3 tubes, 
    • Plants at most 20cm lower. 
    • Only Ferns can grow
  • Turn your plants - Equal growth
  • If your plants stems are long, they are asking for light. 

Wind and Humidity
  • Group enough plants together
    • Allows humidity. 
  • Normal soil outside results in compaction over time
    • Compaction squeeze out air and when you water, the roots drown. 
  • Good quality potting mix should stay moist, aerated and well drain for a long period of time
  • Nutrients stay on the surface of the soil particles - therefore u need the inorganic soil portion to hold it. The compost ( organic portion) just provide nutrients but they will just go away if there is nothing to hold it. 
  • Start with Equal portions of burnt Eath and mature compost

  • Apply when plants are hydrated
  • Use less than needed when unsure.
  • Correct way is to poke a hole then add it cause it can cause "burns" to stems

  • Add enough such that the water drains.
  • Finger test - soil below surface. 

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