Sunday, February 12, 2017

Forgotten Dreams

I remember that when I first joined NUS, I was looking at Make It Real.  Attended one of those briefing sessions.

It may be a long time ago of more than 10 years, but somehow,  I remembered that it was we had to do our own fund raising of  maybe $4000 or more?

 My family was that low income or that I simply was not hungry enough that I stayed out of it.  Now looking back, it seems like a dream not accomplished. Now,  it is like what Dr Peck said, when you are student, you have time and energy but no $.  When you are an adult,  you have money and energy but no time; when you are finally retired, you have time and money but no energy.

As I thought about it before, I cannot agree with the value of travelling like Ken.  Yet,  if I ask myself, it is true that I kind of want to wear a alpine climbing jacket and do some real snow climbing.

It is also horrendously true that when I am not working at home,  the amount of rubbish I play and watch on the internet is also amazing.

There is one crucial difference between my peers and I - I am actually interested and excited by those mountains pictures.  Everybody likes different things and somehow I am attracted by these.

With that in mind,  I would like to channel my time and energy towards those pursuits.  Less rubbish. Less gathering even? 

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