Thursday, February 02, 2006

Outdoor instructor....

In the last 2 weeks of January, I went to work as a outdoor instructor for some secondary school and primary school camps.  It was not easy trying to control those kids and I thought I will like the job as I enjoyed my experience doing relief teaching and generally I like the outdoors.  

Oh well, the job was interesting in the sense that I get to meet interesting people like Huda - a forensic scientist, Isham - the dancer for one of the Singapore idols and Amelia – who is doing a double degree in psychology and business. Interesting as they are not your normal group of engineers, or normal causes in NUS.  

The thing that I want to blog about more is the safety of these camp.  Maybe for this time around, they really cannot get enough of the experienced people to partner new birds like me, but I don’t feel good being thrown into the job with nothing but just a briefing the night before.  With jus a verbal briefing, I am expected to be able to conduct group initiative games like the billy bucket.  Just felt that though the games are simple, I don’t know how to do a proper debriefing where there is a message that such games are supposed to convey.  

More importantly, I also had to conduct challenges like “River Challenge”  whre the kids have to swim across a pond full of muddy water.  As I asked one of the outdoor instructors there – Gary, he views that such games are of low impact and low risk, hence it is okay for me, an inexperienced chap with just verbal briefing to conduct the challenge.

However, to me, there is afterall risk of the kids drowning and I still don’t feel safe about it.  In conclusion, perhaps I don’t trust such camps cause I don’t agree that the kids are in professional hands but on the whole, such camps still do these kids a lot of good.  Like for example, there are pri 5 kids who don’t know how to tie their own shoelaces or even bath.

Gosh. I do hope they will experience more of life just like I will be very much as I head out to survive in Shanghai.  So far, the Chinese air stewardess look good already despite not being tanned.

Tazzy Marcus.


Anonymous said...

which company did u work for???

Wei Qiang said...

hey bro, how r u coping over there? settled in well, i hope. looking forward to more updates on your china stint.

Anonymous said...

hi! i was in the camp. (P5)haha. had a great time there. thnx 2 u! even thouh washing the rubbish bins was hard, i liked it! great experience. (u don't go around washing rubbish bins every day!)

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