Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Should I change myself to suit the job or chang my job to suit me?

I work well in a willing to participate team, a strong team leader and all I have to do is simply to work hard on the details and as well as apply my organizing mind and think holistically.
With recycling, I think I have again proven that.  I can work on the big picture of the collection system of the entire campus, but I can also drill down int the details of the recycling bin design itself. Whether it was worth it in accordance with Pareto principle is another matter altogether.

With used cooking oil and food waste recycling, I am working with no so keen partners.  I want to say that I am leading the project, but this is only partially true because food waste recycling was requested by the other party and not me.  The key here though is this: it is no longer about perksonal capabilities and organizing skills, but more about people persuasion, and people management skills.

What is EQ?

Now the highest level is to:
1. Aware of what u are feeling
2. Aware of what the other person is feeling
3. Manipulate your feelings to suit the other person.

I think I got real issues in reaching this stage.

When I was reading romance of three kingdoms in the past, I used to "laugh" at how all those generals lose their cool under some irritation by the opposition and loses the battle.

Well, it is not easy to keep your emotions in check and even more to read the other person's emotions and then react so appropriately instantly.

Okay, may be I am just weak in this area. Then again, I wonder which personality type of the mayer brigs have such good  emotional management skills.

Life's tough man. But the moment you complain it is the other person fault, you lose


Jaga said...

I dun think there is a Myer-Briggs type for what you are looking for. 'Cos I know pple who would fall under the same MBI type but have varying skills on the EQ front. :) Just an observation. And you're right, the key is never to say it's someone else's fault, BUT to get your boss to say it instead! ;)

Sucram said...

That is the ultimate skill Jaga, and you are best at it!! hahaha

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