Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time is not meant to be occupied

We live only once and it is so sad that if we have channel surf to find something to occupy ourselves. So sad if we spend our time gossiping behind others, so sad if I have to find sometime to occupy myself. Time is not meant to be occupied. It is too precious to be “occupied” or to be filled in.

Now, there even more alternatives to “channel surf” - just playing handphone games to youtube surfing. I hate these the most when I use these a form of escapism. You feel though that at times, you need to escape, from the drudgery of work, of the things you do not feel like doing but you have to do. God, do I miss those days at a small NGO, where it is mostly up to me “how” and only the broad directions or projects is pointed.

Now, at work, it is often said - “It is often said because I did not chase.” Maybe now we should say it is because we did sit down to agree what needs to be done.

Another thing about time does not need to be filled is that we should have some lazing time. I used to play the radio as I brush my teeth, iron my clothes etc, read on the bus, clear email on the move etc in a bid to be more “productive” .

Now, as the wonderful Diamond Cutter test goes, “How much of the news from 3 days ago do you remember?” That perhaps is the best rejoinder I have to whether I should be paying more attention to the news. Of course, there are times I worry that I become one of the many apathetic Singaporeans who may not have much concern beyond their daily needs. That being said, it may be a sign of growing maturity – because only when you are a student who does not need to make an income do you have time to care about the world.

Yet at the same time, I like to wonder aloud whether other than the fact that our brain needs some down time, hence it is good to stone or laze around, maybe too just focusing on one task at a time – including ironing clothes and brushing teeth actually makes it a pleasure.

Just focusing on one thing at a time can prevent overloading our brain via multitasking, and perhaps make every single task pleasurable.

An ideal day maybe would be filled with some simple exercise first, Taichi and meditation before we set out to accomplish the many other things.

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