Friday, March 10, 2006

Job dillema

Job dillema :

Tuesday I went to tell my boss Virginia that I am not motivated working cause I don’t get to work on environmentally related project, and she was nice to let me go.  However, just yesterday , she just made me a new job offer – that is to survey all the major corporations about banking services.  For that, I will get to travel to Hongkong for training, then go and cold call on all the Chief Financial Officers of the big companies.

     According to the impression I get from my Classmate (Chengho) and other Ev classmates back in Singapore, IA in an engineering firm can be a very boring episode with nothing to do.   The good thing about working in my current company  is that I definitely will not run out of things to do and honestly, the more you do, the more you learn. Some say that if you take up the survey job, you get to network with all those CFO and bigshots, however like just another said, do you still keep in contact with them?

     For me personally , the experience that I am looking for perhaps is cold calling.  Back in those days, when I took up marketing in Rock Climbing was for that purpose – cold calling.  I am pretty aware that it is a skill/aptitude that is very useful in many different jobs.  Yet again, we must say, again, depends on the job that you are doing in future.  Now thinking about it,, doing cold calling is fine for about a month or two but definitely not from April to November.  

     Also, I may have a very unproductive time at the engineering firm and don’t get to learn as much as I can from a startup, ( my company is now starting a new company on Smart Home Technologies, now you can really see how a startup arises), but at least I think through my conversations in the company, I can get to learn more about the environmental condition in China – which is something I want to learn about.

     All those skills about cold calling and more exposure to more important people, are they necessary? Think Branson, he didn’t have any of such training and just called from a public phone to get sponsors for his magazine.  As long as you are motivated/driven, you will find a way to it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus,

Think about this.. How much can you offer just as an ordinary env engineer? Compared to being someone with an intense network and influence on ppl that is rapidly damaging our earth?


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