Sunday, March 12, 2006

Jared Diamond

I have to blog about this though I am rushing to find a job and doing a 8-12 page report.

check this national geographic page about a series made about Jared Diamond book: “Guns, germs and steel”.   Those who have heard me talk about testis size among primates explaining why human males should be slightly promiscuous; well, it was from his book “ Why is sex fun?”  

     His book “The rise of the third Chimpanzee” is one of the strongest motivation for me to blog, because I am so sad that I only read such a wonderful book ten years after it was written and I really felt that more people need to know about what was written.  

     To end it off, our dear Diamond started off as a professor of physiology and now he is also a professor of geography and environmental health science.  What the hell, so envious.   He was one of the few that that visited the area in Papua New Guinea that is recently “rediscovered” and named the “Lost Eden.”

      A fantasy would be to go for Work and Travel in US and work as a maid or what not in his house.  He is one of the few living person that I would love to meet in person….  

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