Sunday, March 26, 2006

One of the biggest crisis but i am still alive

Dear Friends, I do very much want to write and keep in contact with you guys, but currently think I am facing some of the biggest mess that has ever occurred to meso I am tired mentally, physically just from the issue.   Wanted to write and share but now I am tired of it and I need to do something urgently about it.  Maybe after the event is settled I will write. Take the chance to apologise to pp like dear friend Jiahui cause I have not replied her mail about my updates, Huayang and Chengho for not sharing cause I am tired of talking about it.  And of course tks to my classmate Eugene who shared with me about IA back in Singapore and how I should cherish the chance I have here now at Wove.  Sorry for not replying.. the mess.Anyway, just paste some emails that will more or less tell u the shit I am in.  For those who miss me, maybe good news cause you get to see me sooner again!!! Haa.. Take care back home.


Dear #######,On March 6, I decided to talk to Virginia first and not you firstbecause I am still keen to stay at Wove if i can still get to do mywaste water treatment plant project down the road of my internship.  Iwas hoping that i can work things out with her and then i have no needto trouble you or NOC.  Immediately after calling her, I called you toinform you and in my subsequent email on the same day , i also mentionthat I still have to get your permission for a transfer, hence i wasstill seeking your approval and if you did not agree. I would havejust stayed at Wove.  In my conversation with Virginia, she  also gaveme a month to find another job.On March 22, Virginia approached me and ask me if I like to stay causeshe intends to get Fudan students to help with the project. Althoughshe originally gave me a month to make a decision, i can't possiblyask her hold a position for me just because i cannot find a job andthen leave later again when i find one, hence i told her that i liketo leave.Of course it is my own silliness in not approaching many companieswhen finding a job initially.   Originally, I thought that if I cannotfind a job, I will just take on the assignments that Virginia gives meand do it.  To me, NOC is a valubale experience and I have nointentions of leaving NOC Shanghai earlier and that is only if NOCShanghai wants to send me back , then i have no choice but to leave.Currently, there is a non-profit organisation called Roots and Shootsthat is interested in taking me but they have to wait till their headto return on 05/04/06 before she can interview me.  I will CC you theemail when i reply to them.I also have another offer from Total Environmental Solutions however,we have not arranged a time for the interview yet.Can i have a rough gauge of the amount that i have to pay back or atleast the items that I have to repay so that i least i can betterinform my worried family back home?Can I also have your hp so that i can talk to you about it over thisweekend?  I prefer not to call your office line during office hours asi don't think it is nice to talk about this issue with my colleaguesall around.Perhaps i could have handled the matter better by communicating morewith youpersonally, however all I am doing now is just to follow mypassion/interest which i believe is the basic ingredient to asuccessful entrepreneur and which is what i came all the way here justto learn.Thank you for your time.Yours Sincerely,
Marcus  Tay Guan Hock."My life is the message" Ghandi
On 3/23/06, ###### wrote:> Dear Guan Hock,>> Although I sympathise with your situation, I would not be able to let you> prolong your search till Mid April 06 as you decided on this change of> company out of your own assessment and with NOC's subsequent approval only.>> We would have to stick with the end March 06 deadline as earlier indicated.> Please note that I need to assess the final company before you can do the> switch. If found unsuitable, and without any good companies taking you on,> regrettably, you will have to go back to NUS Singapore in time for the new> semester. Following which, NUS will then re-assess the circumstances> revolving your early termination of the programme and the proper restitution> will be levelled.>> regards######>>> ----- Original Message -----> From: "Marcus Tay Guan Hock" <>> To: ###########
> Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 8:54 AM> Subject: Updates about Job Search>>> Dear #########,>> My updates about job search and condition at Wove:>> 1. I went for a interview with Samill Recycling ( Finland) yesterday,> sadly the boss told me that he has to wait till mid April for> instructions from HQ before he decides if he needs to expands and> hence hire more. I was silly to bank my hope on this one company,> hence i only have this one proper interview thus far.  Will be> contacting many other firms over the next few days.>> 2.  Virginia approached me and ask for an answer if I would be staying> because she likes to hire more Fudan students to help with her> consulting work. I told her then that i would leave despite not having> a job yet.  I felt really bad in affecting her plans, hence i told her> that i would leave as said at the end of the month.>> As you can see, i am in a fix cause I haven't got a another job and I> have to leave.   Also, i don't know if NOC will let me "hang' around> jobless in the first half of April as i find another job.  Currently> it is also a bit difficult to arrange for interviews as working at> Wove, i cannot go for interview anytime but only by going for> interviews during my Fudan lesson times.>> Personally, i will contact Samill recycling again to let him> understand my situation and also contact more companies.   It may not> be good to keep working at Wove as it is unfair to Virginia to have to> take me back simply cause i have no other jobs.>>> Again apologies for creating inconveniences for you.>>>>>> Regards,> Marcus  Tay Guan Hock.
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