Sunday, March 26, 2006

One of the biggest crisis but i am still alive

Dear Friends, I do very much want to write and keep in contact with you guys, but currently think I am facing some of the biggest mess that has ever occurred to meso I am tired mentally, physically just from the issue.   Wanted to write and share but now I am tired of it and I need to do something urgently about it.  Maybe after the event is settled I will write. Take the chance to apologise to pp like dear friend Jiahui cause I have not replied her mail about my updates, Huayang and Chengho for not sharing cause I am tired of talking about it.  And of course tks to my classmate Eugene who shared with me about IA back in Singapore and how I should cherish the chance I have here now at Wove.  Sorry for not replying.. the mess.Anyway, just paste some emails that will more or less tell u the shit I am in.  For those who miss me, maybe good news cause you get to see me sooner again!!! Haa.. Take care back home.


Dear #######,On March 6, I decided to talk to Virginia first and not you firstbecause I am still keen to stay at Wove if i can still get to do mywaste water treatment plant project down the road of my internship.  Iwas hoping that i can work things out with her and then i have no needto trouble you or NOC.  Immediately after calling her, I called you toinform you and in my subsequent email on the same day , i also mentionthat I still have to get your permission for a transfer, hence i wasstill seeking your approval and if you did not agree. I would havejust stayed at Wove.  In my conversation with Virginia, she  also gaveme a month to find another job.On March 22, Virginia approached me and ask me if I like to stay causeshe intends to get Fudan students to help with the project. Althoughshe originally gave me a month to make a decision, i can't possiblyask her hold a position for me just because i cannot find a job andthen leave later again when i find one, hence i told her that i liketo leave.Of course it is my own silliness in not approaching many companieswhen finding a job initially.   Originally, I thought that if I cannotfind a job, I will just take on the assignments that Virginia gives meand do it.  To me, NOC is a valubale experience and I have nointentions of leaving NOC Shanghai earlier and that is only if NOCShanghai wants to send me back , then i have no choice but to leave.Currently, there is a non-profit organisation called Roots and Shootsthat is interested in taking me but they have to wait till their headto return on 05/04/06 before she can interview me.  I will CC you theemail when i reply to them.I also have another offer from Total Environmental Solutions however,we have not arranged a time for the interview yet.Can i have a rough gauge of the amount that i have to pay back or atleast the items that I have to repay so that i least i can betterinform my worried family back home?Can I also have your hp so that i can talk to you about it over thisweekend?  I prefer not to call your office line during office hours asi don't think it is nice to talk about this issue with my colleaguesall around.Perhaps i could have handled the matter better by communicating morewith youpersonally, however all I am doing now is just to follow mypassion/interest which i believe is the basic ingredient to asuccessful entrepreneur and which is what i came all the way here justto learn.Thank you for your time.Yours Sincerely,
Marcus  Tay Guan Hock."My life is the message" Ghandi
On 3/23/06, ###### wrote:> Dear Guan Hock,>> Although I sympathise with your situation, I would not be able to let you> prolong your search till Mid April 06 as you decided on this change of> company out of your own assessment and with NOC's subsequent approval only.>> We would have to stick with the end March 06 deadline as earlier indicated.> Please note that I need to assess the final company before you can do the> switch. If found unsuitable, and without any good companies taking you on,> regrettably, you will have to go back to NUS Singapore in time for the new> semester. Following which, NUS will then re-assess the circumstances> revolving your early termination of the programme and the proper restitution> will be levelled.>> regards######>>> ----- Original Message -----> From: "Marcus Tay Guan Hock" <>> To: ###########
> Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 8:54 AM> Subject: Updates about Job Search>>> Dear #########,>> My updates about job search and condition at Wove:>> 1. I went for a interview with Samill Recycling ( Finland) yesterday,> sadly the boss told me that he has to wait till mid April for> instructions from HQ before he decides if he needs to expands and> hence hire more. I was silly to bank my hope on this one company,> hence i only have this one proper interview thus far.  Will be> contacting many other firms over the next few days.>> 2.  Virginia approached me and ask for an answer if I would be staying> because she likes to hire more Fudan students to help with her> consulting work. I told her then that i would leave despite not having> a job yet.  I felt really bad in affecting her plans, hence i told her> that i would leave as said at the end of the month.>> As you can see, i am in a fix cause I haven't got a another job and I> have to leave.   Also, i don't know if NOC will let me "hang' around> jobless in the first half of April as i find another job.  Currently> it is also a bit difficult to arrange for interviews as working at> Wove, i cannot go for interview anytime but only by going for> interviews during my Fudan lesson times.>> Personally, i will contact Samill recycling again to let him> understand my situation and also contact more companies.   It may not> be good to keep working at Wove as it is unfair to Virginia to have to> take me back simply cause i have no other jobs.>>> Again apologies for creating inconveniences for you.>>>>>> Regards,> Marcus  Tay Guan Hock.


Anonymous said...

eerrmmmm.... okay..... Now that's what i call an exciting life when you seriously dunno what will happen.

Cheng Ho said...

hmm it sounds like very messy too.. pls takes some time to sit down and work out the 'EXITS' that are open to u!

wish u all the best! - the next new sem is still quite far away - but do consider the wasted 1 sem if u make this choice

Wei Qiang said...

i hope everything will work out in the end. hang in there bro!

Cheng Ho said...

it is a bit messy.. but i hope u will find a solution out of it! hope everything is ok

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